Planning a weekend

Planning a Weekend


Kevin: So, what are your plans for this weekend?
Dorothy: I don’t know. Do you want to get together or something?
Kevin: How about going to see a movie? I heard good things about the movie The Martian.
Dorothy: That sounds like a plan. Maybe we should get something to eat beforehand. Invite Sameer as well?
Dorothy: Sounds good. Where should we meet up?
Kevin: What about the Little Star? I haven’t been there for a while.
Dorothy: Sure. Any idea for the time?
Kevin: Checking Fandango now… the movie is shown at 2:00PM, 4:00PM, 6:00PM and 8:00PM this Saturday.
Dorothy: Why don’t we go to the 2:00PM show? We can meet at noon so we don’t have to rush for the movie and enjoy our pizza.
Kevin: Oh by the way, my girlfriend Jeanna is in town. Can I bring her along? I hate to leave her home alone.
Dorothy: Jeanna is in town? Of course she is invited to the party. What is she up to these days?
Kevin: She is in and out of the city nowadays after the school, but she will be working with kids at the local kindergartens soon. She always has such a good rapport with them.
Dorothy: Kindergarten? She must be a very patient person. There’s a reason why people say ‘terrible twos’.
Kevin:  I think Jeanna will do fine. I think the first few weeks will be tough, but once the routine is set, it’s a breeze. But I’m sure Jeanna has her tricks. Maybe you should ask her?
Dorothy: I certainly will!

Expressions used in the conversation

  • Get together
  • I heard good things about ~
  • That sounds like a plan
  • Why don’t we…
  • By the way
  • is in town
  • Bring someone along
  • What is she up to these days?
  • in and out of the city
  • Nowadays
  • Have a good rapport with ~
  • There’s a reason why people say…
  • Terrible twos
  • Once the routine is set
  • It’s a breeze
  • She has her tricks
  • I certainly will!

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