Dialogue: Small Talk

Small Talk


KevinIt’s kind of chilly this morning isn’t it?
Dorothy: Definitely! We’ve been having some strange weather lately. Normally it’s not this cold this time of the year.
KevinDid you hear that it’s supposed to rain tomorrow?
Dorothy: Really? It hasn’t rained in months. That’s great news, considering the drought.
Kevin: I agree. We could really use some rain!
Dorothy: So, have you heard? Kitty and Joe are getting married.
Kevin: That’s wonderful news, although I must say I’m a little surprised. Didn’t they just meet a few months ago?
Dorothy: Yes, I was surprised when I heard too. But I guess when it’s right, it’s right.
Kevin: I suppose that’s true. Is there any reason they couldn’t wait?
Dorothy: Okay, don’t tell anyone, but apparently Kitty gave Joe an ultimatum.
Kevin: Wow. Marriage isn’t something you should do under pressure.
Dorothy: I agree. I have my fingers crossed for them. I hope everything works out.

Expressions used in the conversation

  • kind of chilly
  • this time of the year
  • Did you hear …
  • I must say
  • in months
  • that’s great news considering …
  • could really use …
  • have you heard …
  • a few months ago
  • when it’s right, it’s right
  • is there any reason …
  • under pressure
  • fingers crossed
  • everything works out

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