Describe this: Big Kitty

Describe the video/image.
Challenge yourself to tell a lively and interesting story.

Idioms related to lion:

  • A leopard cannot change its spots
    –  One cannot change the basic way one is.
  • Got a tiger by its tail
    – to have become associated with something powerful and potentially dangerous; to have a very difficult problem to solve.
  • The lion’s share
    – the largest portion of something.
  • In the lion’s den
    – an unpleasant situation in which a person or group of people criticizes you or your ideas
  • Lion-hearted
    –  very brave; courageous
  • beard the lion
    – To confront risk or danger head on, especially for the sake of possible personal gain. Refers to a proverb based on a Bible story from I Samuel, in which a shepherd, David, hunts down a lion that stole a lamb, grasps it by the beard, and kills it.

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