Booking a Hotel Room

Booking a Hotel Room


ReceptionistThanks for calling Vacation Inn. This is Michelle speaking.
Guest: Hi, I’m interested in booking a room for the July long weekend.
Receptionist: I’m afraid we’re completely booked for that weekend. There’s a convention in town, and we’re the closest hotel to the convention center.
Guest: Oh, I didn’t realize. How about the weekend after that?
Receptionist: So…Friday the 10th?
Guest: Yes, both the Friday and Saturday.
Receptionist: It looks like we have a few vacancies left. We recommend that you make a reservation though. It’s still considered peak season then.
Guest: Okay. Do you have any rooms with two double beds? We’re a family of four.
ReceptionistYes, all of our rooms have two double beds. The rate for that weekend is $129 dollars a night.
Guest: That’s reasonable. And do you have cots? One of my daughters might be bringing a friend.
ReceptionistWe do, but we also charge an extra ten dollars per person for any family with over four people. The cot is free.
Guest: Yes, but we do require a fifty dollar credit card deposit to hold the room. You can cancel up to five days in advance and we will refund your deposit.
ReceptionistGreat, I’ll call you right back. I have to find my credit card.

Expressions used in the conversation

  • This is _____________ speaking.
  • booking a room
  • long weekend
  • completely booked
  • convention
  • vacancies
  • peak season
  • bringing a friend
  • per person
  • credit card deposit
  • hold the room
  • five days in advance
  • refund your deposit
  • call you right back

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