Leicester City in football fairytale win

[Sports ★★]


(P1) Football fans in England are celebrating a fairytale win. Leicester City won England’s Premier League for the first time in their 132-year history. They beat many big teams to the title. It may be the greatest win in sports history. Leicester was at the bottom of the 20-team League last year. They changed their style of play and got new players and a new coach. They became almost unbeatable. They won the title on Monday and their supporters went crazy.

(P2) Leicester got to the Premier League two years ago. They were favorites to go back down again. No one gave them a chance of winning the League. They were 5,000-1 against winning the title. If you had put a $1 bet on them to win, you could now collect $5,000. Leicester’s team cost less to buy than just one star in the top teams. Two Leicester players won awards in England. It is also likely that Leicester’s manager will be world coach of the year.

WORDS: 163

SOURCE: http://www.breakingnewsenglish.com/1605/160505-leicester-city-1.html

VOCABULARY: fairytale, title, coach, unbeatable, chance, awards


If you found the passage difficult to read or had problems understanding specific words or idiomatic expressions, please discuss them with your tutor. The following discussion questions should be answered in your own words and with your own arguments.

  1. Briefly, summarize the content of the article in your own words.
  2. Which football team do you like? Why?
  3. Which players do you like? Why?
  4. Do you think professional football players get paid too much? Why or why not?
  5. Have you ever seen a live football match? If yes, describe your experience. If no, would you like to see one?

EXPRESSIONS or PHRASES: What do the following expressions or phrases mean?

  • 132-year history (P1)
  • Big teams (P1)
  • 20-team league (P1)
  • 5,000-1 against winning (P2)
  • $1 bet (P2)

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Image source: by Filosofi Leicester City http://sediksi.com/2016/05/01/leicester-city-filosofi-dan-inspirasi/

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