Disneyland in China

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(P1) Disney opens a theme park in Shanghai, China. It has a grand opening ceremony. Many people come. Disneyland is a big investment. It costs 5.5 billion dollars to build.

(P2) China is becoming a better and better place for investment. This is good for China and America, too.

(P3) There are 330 million people at the theme park. These people have enough money to go to the park. These 330 million people can get there in 3 hours.


SOURCE: http://www.newsinlevels.com/products/disneyland-in-china-level-1/

VOCABULARY: theme park, investment, becoming, too, enough


If you found the passage difficult to read or had problems understanding specific words or idiomatic expressions, please discuss them with your tutor. The following discussion questions should be answered in your own words and with your own arguments.

  1. Briefly, summarize the content of the article in your own words.
  2. Do you like Disney? Why or why not?
  3. Which Disney character do you like (e.g. Mickey Mouse, Goofy, etc.?? Why?
  4. Have you ever been to a Disney theme park? If yes, when and where? If no, do you want to go?


  1. Where did the new park open?
  2. Disney spent $5.5 million to make the theme park. (T or F)
  3. Investing in China is not good for the USA. (T or F)
  4. How many people were at the new Disney?


What do the following expressions or phrases mean?

  • Grand opening ceremony (P1)
  • Can get there in three hours (P3)

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Image Source: By Shanghai Disney https://www.shanghaidisneyresort.com/en/

3 thoughts on “Disneyland in China

  1. Thanks for the feedback

    If you click on the link to go to the article source, you will find 3 levels.The article above is level 1. Check level 2 and 3 to find answers to some of your questions about (P3) in level 1.

    I’m not the author/writer of the article but in my opinion, I agree with “come”. The sentence before. is in the simple present, so the writer maintains the simple present in the next sentence.

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