Rocket to Mars

[Business ★]


(P1) Elon Musk is the boss of SpaceX. SpaceX makes rockets. It wants to go to Mars. It wants to colonize Mars. It is working on a new rocket.

(P2) Musk talks about the plan. SpaceX must make the tickets low-cost to Mars. The first tickets can be expensive. Later, they can be between 200,000 dollars and 100,000 dollars.

(P3) Earth and Mars are close every 26 months. This is a good time to go. SpaceX wants to go every 26 months.

(P4) It wants to start in 2024. The journey can take from 6 to 9 months. It can be dangerous. You can die.

WORDS: 100


VOCABULARY: boss, low-cost, expensive, between, close


If you found the passage difficult to read or had problems understanding specific words or idiomatic expressions, please discuss them with your tutor. The following discussion questions should be answered in your own words and with your own arguments.

  1. Briefly, summarize the content of the article in your own words.
  2. Do you want to go to Mars? Why or why not?
  3. Do you think people will live on Mars someday? Why or why not?
  4. Would you like to work for SpaceX? Why or why not?


  1. Who is the leader of SpaceX?
  2. What does SpaceX do?
  3. Where will the rockets go?
  4. When is a good time to go to Mars?
  5. How long will the trip take?


What do the following expressions or phrases mean?

  • makes rockets (P1)
  • to go to Mars (P1)
  • talks about the plan (P2)
  • every 26 months (P3)
  • from 6 to 9 months (P4)

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